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Social Security - For Love or Money?

| November 01, 2017

In the last two weeks’ emails, I’ve whined about the growing generational divide between those who receive Social Security benefits and those who are forced to pay them.  As one who is now both paying and receiving, I think I can empathize with almost everyone.  But, of course empathy doesn’t resolve the conflicting financial interests, and unfortunately changing the Social Security system is beyond my pay grade.  But, all is not lost.

My forty-nine year old son called the other day, just to visit.  How sweet is that?  I put him on speaker so his mother could hear, too.  “You guys sure don’t seem like you could be seventy years old,” he said; among many other things, of course.  His favorite subjects of conversation are his sons, Teague (5) and Jack (2).  I call them “the Captains”.  We talked for thirty minutes.

I’m telling you that story to show that the generational divide generally dissolves when we bring the issue back to the level of our own families.  At the economic/political level, as was my focus the last two weeks, there can be bitterness and enmity; it’s all about the money.  But, bring it home to fathers and their sons, mothers and their daughters, grandparents and their grandchildren, it’s about the love.  And, that’s a good thing to keep in mind. 

Until next week, PATIENCE, DISCIPLINE, and CONFIDENCE in the FUTURE!  mh