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How We Are Paid

Knowing how your financial advisor is paid isn’t just important - it’s essential. As our client, payment transparency is your most basic and fundamental right. In fact, we prefer you know how we are paid before becoming our client.

Each of our advisors hold themselves to a fiduciary standard to provide objective and transparent services, which includes payment disclosures. The holistic nature of our firm means that there are multiple ways in which we are paid. Regardless of the type of product or service your needs require, you can expect a full payment disclosure prior to making an investment decision.

More accurately, we are paid in one of two ways: commission-based, or fee-based. Learn more about these two common payment types in more detail, by exploring below:

  1. Commission-Based: Every piece of advice our advisors provide is objective. From time to time, the product best-suited to your needs, does result in a commission for our firm. As LPL Financial advisors, we will provide you with a prospectus in advance of an official sale. You will have complete transparency of commissions and fees, prior to signing on the dotted line. For 26 years, it has been our policy to open each prospectus and explain it to our clients in detail, before a final decision is made.

  2. Fee-Based: Aside from commission-based products, our advisors also offer fee-based asset management services. These types of fees are disclosed in advance of any sale and are available for review on your LPL Financial account at all times. These fees can either be paid by check to LPL Financial, or deducted directly from your LPL Financial account.

Regardless of how we are paid, Family Wealth Management our advisors are committed to upholding the fiduciary standard and service to each individual and family we serve. Get all of your questions answered and concerns addressed, by scheduling an initial complimentary consultation with our team. We look forward to meeting with you soon.